Icon Gallery Biggest Icon on the World ?

Biggest Icon on the World;


The iconography of 2 large in size and multi-face icons (dimensions 280x180cm) was given to our laboratory. They are the largest portable icons we have ever iconographed and probably the biggest that have ever been created in the whole word!
The first icon will depict Jesus Christ enthroned in the centre, and in the margin of the icon there will be depictions of the following 16 representations of His life
The Baptism
The Transfiguration
The raising of Lazarus
The entry of Jerusalem
The mystic supper
The holy ablution
The betrayal by Judas
The Crucifixion
The Resurrection
Christ blessing the five loaves
Christ healing the ten lepers
Christ healing the man born blind
Christ healing the paralytic
Christ appearing to the apostles on the sea of Tiberias
Christ healing the two men    possessed with devils
The Forerunner preaches the baptism of repentance

The second icon will depict Virgin Mary enthroned in the centre, and in the margin of the icon there will be depictions of 16 representations of Her life. The topics of the representations are under development. The preparation of the 2 items of wood has already been completed and in a few days the gilding of the first icon will begin.

Are you aware of the existence of a relative icon and  if so where is it located?

Stages of  completion of the first icon