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elcome to our web site in what we hope will be an interesting journey into Byzantine Art.

In the following pages we will analyze, step by step, the techniques we follow and the way we have been working for the past 35 years. You can also see some of our works displayed


The sacred art of Iconography is also known as "visual Theology" because it can be read and understood by all believers, including the illiterate. It is both narrative and instructive and addresses not only our vision, but also our emotions and experiences. The icon stands as a work of art but more so as an object of respect and veneration in the Orthodox Church.

The manifestation of the deeper meaning represented by the holy icon requires from its observer an inner enlightenment .

The holy icon provides this enlightenment and allows us to penetrate its hidden meaning. According to Divine Province, each icon we paint should be unique. We are aware of the fact that numerous believers will direct their prayers and fears to them and they will be objects of piety and veneration; for holy icons "though constructed of material, are filled with Divine