ly the Grace of God we have completed 25 years of study on the Holy Art of Iconography.

Maria Sigala-Spanopoulos was born in Athens in 1955. She attended interior decoration courses, Architectural Plan and free hand sketch for four years. Since 1973 she's engaged in iconography, and has painted churches in Greece, in Detroit Michigan, in Santa Fe New Mexico, and elsewhere. Much of her work is held in private collections. She's a member of the Chamber of Arts of Greece and the Panhellenic Union of Iconography Painters.

Nikolas Spanopoulos was born in Athens in 1955. He has been engaged in Iconography since 1975 and specializes in traditional water gilding, portable icons, icon screens (templa), icon stands (proskynetaria), Bishop's thrones, decorative surfaces and portable woodcut items of worship. Much of his work is held in Private Collections. He's a member of the Panellenic Union of Iconography Painters.


Panagiota Boutsikakis was born in Argos in 1967. She's been xeri220a student in our studio and has been working with us for the last 12 years. She has taken part in group exhibitions in Greece as well as abroad. Her works are found in private collections. She's a member of the Chamber of Arts of Greece, and the Panhellenic Union of Iconography Painters.

As a result of our team effort there is uniformity in the work we do.

The paints we use are made of pigments that come from natural rocks dissolved by egg (egg tempera). This is the traditional technique that the first iconographers used since the dawn of their Art, resulting in the unique and enduring quality of their work.

Most of our technique is drawn from the Palaeologan Renaissance. There is a distinct harmony between the drawing, color, composition, expression, the human figures and the natural or architectural environment. The period of the Palaeologan Renaissance started after the Regaining of Constantinople in 1260. This is the last phase of a sudden renewal of the art of the two preceding centuries.

Our studio has exhibited its work in five Clergy Laity Symposiums of the Holy Archdiocese of America specifically in Washington , New Orleans, Chicago, New York, and Orlando